Lost Luggage…….the only time it can be funny!

I'm a believer in having easy to spot luggage

I’m a believer in having easy to spot luggage

There’s nothing like that sinking feeling you get as you watch the baggage carousel slowly empty and your easy to identify, bright red hard shell Heys suitcase with shiny mag wheels (AND the largest one possible!) hasn’t passed by yet.

What to do?

Don't Panic Yes, I know….it’s hard NOT to!!

Well trying not to panic, you go to the counter for help filling out what feels like a useless form in the hopes it will show up again. You leave with the minuscule voucher for toiletry items the airline may/may not have provided you with………….and you wait.
I have had this happen to me 4 times in my travel adventures. In all cases my luggage has turned up later that day or the next. My brother, giddy with the adventure of a first time cruise………and a Mediterranean one at that, had his MIA for 3 months!!! Yes folks. 3 months! Gone were the brand new clothes he had purchased for the trip. Instead, he had to buy a few new things–some of which he wasn’t very happy about. His words of wisdom to us were………

“make sure you put all your underwear in your carry on…..there’s nothing worse than having to buy new ones that never fit quite right and it can really ruin things for you!”

So far I’ve also had 1 bag crushed (hard shell), 2 handles broken (1 snapped off and barely attached), and 1 where the wheel went missing-never to be seen again. Gotta love those baggage handlers! NOT! I’ve more or less resigned myself to having an “incident” when I travel, and when my luggage does arrive on that baggage carousel…I let out a sigh of relief, grab it, and head off to enjoy new adventures at my destination 🙂

Not me but she seems happy to have her YSL bag!

Not me but she seems happy to have her YSL bag!


Have you had any baggage problems in your travels?

Watch this and enjoy!




*April 2014-UPDATE: Check out this video that’s making the news….Air Canada baggage handler FAIL!!

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