Credit card safety-not just when travelling

When travelling we’re often aware of our personal safety-to not put ourselves in compromising situations and to be aware of our surroundings. But with new technologies constantly being developed we also have to remember about the threat that’s reared its ugly head in recent years so we can keep our identity safe as well.  We are now savvy enough to keep an eye on our credit card and bank card and to not let them out of sight as they can easily be swiped and duplicated.  The new threat that’s come out the past few years has us walking around unaware of the danger……that danger being electronic identity theft where your card information is taken without it ever being touched.  It’s called radio frequency identificantion or RFID for short.

Watch and learn:



Now how frightening is that?!

I was in a store today and happened across a case that is supposed to keep this type of scanning equipment from invading your privacy and stealing your credit card information.  I bought it immediately. 



Here are a few more brands of RFID shields that I found online.  I highly recommend it for peace of mind…..and pocketbook–keeping in mind they might not stop a very strong reader that’s in close proximity as some of these readers can still access the information when your card is safe inside…but needs to be about 2 inches away as opposed to feet away without the protective case. That being said, I’m going to be aware of the location of the card case in my purse and make sure it’s in the side tucked closest to me so those inches it would need are lost in the depths of the large purses we females carry now days 😛


RFID Blocking Secure Wallet Bi-Fold 10 Slots

RFID Blocking Passport Case with Credit Card Slots

You can ask your bank for a card that is not RDIF enabled and see if they will accomodate your request (some do) and/or only take your card out of the house when you know you will be needing it. The safest way is to have no cards at all, but in this day and age you can’t get around NOT having one. Ever try and buy online or save a hotel reservation. Unfortunately our society is now dependant on them and cash is no longer king.

Keep safe always.

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