Dining Alfresco



In the open air.

outdoors – in the open air – outside – out-of-doors

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I live in Northern Alberta, Canada.
With winter being our longest season once it’s over it’s…………… PATIO TIME!!! We Albertans love our patio restaurants, our backyard decks, our lakeside cookouts, any reason at all to go outside and enjoy a nice meal and an ice cold drink….. all the more enjoyable after being cooped up indoors all winter.

I’m going to share 3 of my most memorable alfresco dining experiences. Made memorable for how I felt in the moment, because looking back at the actual food -it’s very simple fare.

Last year we took a 5 day trip to San Francisco and enjoyed wandering the city. I fell in love with all the small boutique stores and little restaurants that seem to be EVERYWHERE! One such store was perfect for picnic supplies and I was in heaven as we looked at all the different goodies. We came out with a bag of various cheeses, meats, truffle butter, chocolates, and wine, then went to Golden Gate Park and settled onto the grass to enjoy the orchestra that happened to be there playing. Simple foods eaten outdoors while sitting on the grass. Yes, very basic…..but also a wonderful memory (to be repeated).

I love San Francisco!

I love San Francisco!

Orchestra music

Orchestra music

A few years ago in Mykonos, Greece we had an amazing lunch of Greek Salad, some kind of baked cheese (to die for), and wine. All while listening to the music of the guitar player/singer next to us and watching the world go by (also need to mention a huge pelican that waddling past). The interior and exterior of the restaurant was totally white, the buildings around us were white, there was a light breeze and the sun was shining…..and we were eating a heavenly meal while on holiday. BLISS.

My last one is a comfort one. When I was little my mom would make me a “picnic” of salted crackers with butter and rogers golden syrup on one cracker, and peanut butter on the other cracker…..put together and squished so that it oozed out of the sides and that would be my picnic treat to go and enjoy while sitting outside on the front steps (with 3-4 in a baggie). I’ve made these for my co-workers and step children and yes, this simple little cracker sandwich has been specially requested by both groups afterwards……….who’d-a-thunk it! haha

Simple but good :-)

Simple but good 🙂

Here are a few other alfresco experiences that I’d be up for…………care to join me?










Do you have a favourite Alfresco dining experience to share?


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1 Response to Dining Alfresco

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    My family and I do this all the time during the summer time. We have a special table set up out back with a parasol and chairs, and we’ll eat our lunches out in the beautiful sunshine. We do that with my parents as well, whenever we visit them in the summer. BBQs and lots of food, cheese, crackers, snacks…I love the summertime just because of this time I spend outside with others!

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