Travel is…..


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Travel gives me inspiration, yet home needs to be a sanctuary. Live in what you love ♥
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2 Responses to Travel is…..

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    This is such a great quote. When I travel, I know which hotel I’m staying at, the car I’m driving, the places where I’ll visit–but what I will never know is who I will meet, what experiences with I gain and what fun I will have. That’s always left for time and chance. My vacations have been interesting knowing everything in the equation is not complete when I arrive.

    • Luvs 2 Travel says:

      I DO plan every detail of our getaways so I don’t miss something wonderful and enjoy the research involved BUT I love the anticipation of starting a new adventure and walking into the unknown. When I arrive at a new destination I am actually able to SEE it and can savour every moment more because I haven’t become blind to those details. The unknown is an exhilarating thing! New sights, sounds, flavours, interactions. Ugh… I want to go again because talking about them is making me remember the feelings these experiences created 🙂

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