Lighting for the home…

Over the weekend we made a trip to a newly opened lighting store in our city. Wow. Was I ever surprised by the spectacular choices available to us in this little store….we no longer have to make special trips into our closest major city (a 4.5hr drive) in order to purchase the “special” lighting I’m on the hunt for! Although I have to admit……..I am an online shopper in a big way. What you can’t find locally…go worldwide!! moahahhahaa!

I sat down to browse through the catalogues available while my other half ran for the hills….he’s pretty smart as he knows I would be able to sit for hours in my hunt for the perfect bathroom lights….hehe 🙂

As I browsed the catalogues one thing became clear………….I now had to replace ALL the lights in the house. OMG…the choices! The most fabulous, glorious, drool worthy choices out there *sigh*

    and so it begins…..
    cat 1

    cat 2

    cat 3

    cat 4

    cat 5

I must admit to getting off track as I started looking at lighting for other areas of the house…..might as well while I was there….. 😛

Depending on the look you’re going for, any of these would look amazing over a kitchen island:

Reining myself in again….back on track…..must…focus….Bathroom lighting!
I had an idea walking in what look I was going for. Here are my inspirations (some of which I did find sourcing for but….):









♥ Here’s what I decided on ♥ :

    For above the bathtub….


    2 French inspired sconces for either side of the mirror….


While wandering around earlier in the day I found this lighting fixture I loved the looks of, but it wouldn’t have given off enough light for what I was looking for…..although I did buy the bed crown and linen curtains that were above it 🙂 ….that’s for the bedroom when we get going on that….

@ The Final Touch

@ The Final Touch

Here’s the wonderful chandelier I stumbled on months ago….now residing in our bedroom….the rockstar of the room (this beauty is HUGE) 🙂


Lighting IS like jewels for the home…’s a finishing touch to an outfit. Or in this case, home decor. I like bling 😉

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2 Responses to Lighting for the home…

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Great choices. So much to choose from, eh? Over at our local Home Depot they have lighting from the Hampton Bay company. I love their designs. There’s a line strictly for a sleek, modern look. A number of years ago I replace all the lighting with this line. So, so, beautiful.

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