The “IT” pieces in decor…..

Ever been out shopping….browsing thru magazines/online…..watching a TV show and then seen…. IT?
The “IT” being that most amazingly cool piece that is calling out to you, telling you it belongs in your home? No? Well I have…… MANY times!

Here are some of those IT… as in “must-have it” pieces that I had to have for our new/old house:

    For the bedroom (I found a similar one at Homesense)….


I first saw this fun piece of colourful art when we stopped for lunch at a winery in the Okanagan when visiting family…the original was hanging on the wall and I thought about it for over a year then contacted the artist. I’m a sucker for chickens, red wine, and colour….


for the entry….I LOVE him!

Restoration Hardware: CIRCA 1900 CAST METAL BULL'S HEAD

Restoration Hardware: CIRCA 1900 CAST METAL BULL’S HEAD

the only wallpaper that HAD to reside in our entryway…

Cole & Son "Woods" wallpaper

Cole & Son “Woods” wallpaper

Yes, we have an Eiffel Tower in our living room 🙂

Eiffel Tower from Restoration Hardware

Eiffel Tower from Restoration Hardware


I saw these online and KNEW they’d be perfect for above the fireplace:


still resting in a box until the day comes for our kitchen to be done…

paris source

Go check out the website for this artwork called “Storm” by Jonathan Havelock which hangs in our dining room (it’s 82″ x 38″& more impressive than it looks here). I love canola fields in the summer and always roll down the windows when driving so I can inhale the sweet smell of the blooms….and the colour is amazing!


You’ll also find a few of these wonderful wine racks in the dining room:





    ♥ and what I’m still coveting (bad I know) ♥…….




Gasp!! that bed!


    or this one!!!
"Margaret" queen size bed

“Margaret” queen size bed

with real linen bedding….*divine*

And this little piggy (not so little)…




Don’t ask. We can’t help who we fall in love with haha…….


This one will only happen if we won the lotto as it’s the price of a pretty decent car….*sniffle* I would sleep beside this La Cornue range if I had it…….isn’t it a beauty?!

la cornue

I saw him in a restaurant and fell in love….but will covet from afar:

Moooi Rabbit lamp

Moooi Rabbit lamp

I could go on…….. especially if I was talking about shoes. But that’s another list 😉

Here’s a peek at my IT finds that followed me home 🙂

Main entry

Main entry

Eiffel & wings

Eiffel & wings

wine racks, storm painting, winery painting

wine racks, storm painting, winery painting

Do you have an “IT” piece that you had to have??

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  1. I love the chest, so pretty and on my wish list!

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