Finding Paradise….and yourself


I love stories where a woman comes into her own….especially when it includes finding paradise in another country.

While on a recent holiday I made use of my relaxing down time and read the wonderful book “Finding Me in France“.
Written by fellow Canadian Bobbi French, it’s an entertaining read of self depreciating comments and blunders based on the authors experiences (which I instantly related to). What made me pick up this book in the first place? It was set in France!! Oh, how romantic to start a new life in a small historic town such as Semur-en-Auxois…..


Source: via ART123 on Pinterest


Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest


I found myself laughing out loud numerous times as the story unfolded because it felt like a friend was talking to me of her experiences. I also felt the need to pour a glass of wine (maybe two) as hey, I was there with her in France….so what’s a girl to do? 😉

Here’s the book (and the happy feet) soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic….

I have a copy of one of my favourite movies called “Under the Tuscan Sun”. I recently took it, and a number of other movies to our vacation home with the intention of leaving them for others to enjoy.
When I returned back to Canada……….so did this movie. I couldn’t bear to part with it 😉

As the title says, it’s set in the Italian countryside of Tuscany…..just saying the name conjures of majestic rolling hills dotted with ancient stone houses, delicious meals, red wine, and a slowed down version of what my life should be 🙂

“Finding Me in France” and “Under the Tuscan Sun” share similarities with women moving to a foreign land, their adventures in renovating their homes, and how they were adopted into the fold by their new country. I love it!

Do you have a favourite book or movie with a similar theme?

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2 Responses to Finding Paradise….and yourself

  1. frenchbobbi says:

    Well, merci Madame! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and that I travelled with you to the sun!

    • Luvs 2 Travel says:

      I’m hoping you decide to write another book on your new adventures in Switzerland!! 🙂 How exciting!

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