Favourite Recipe: Death by Jalapeño

This an easy 3 ingredient appetizer that have some kick to them.

    Death by Jalapeño

    20 Jalapeño peppers
    2 packages Prosciutto
    1 large 400g container of soft cream cheese


1. Cut the tops off the Jalapeño peppers and remove the seeds from both ends.


2. Stuff bottoms & tops with cream cheese and place back together.

3. Wrap each pepper with Prosciutto and place on pan that will then be placed on BBQ @ low heat with lid down.


4. Cook for approx. 15-20 minutes before carefully turning over. Cook for an additional 20 minutes (this may vary depending on size of peppers).

Serve warm & enjoy!!


NOTE: Wine in photo was quickly replaced by a large glass of milk……..I did mention these have kick! 😛



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