Hello Summer!

Yes, Summer is here! And it’s HOT!!

It’s a good thing that air conditioning was invented………..and that I made ice-treats yesterday after we got home from the Canada Day parade (another HOT day). Those yum yums are now ready for consumption!

And consume we did 🙂

I think they turned out pretty good…………considering it was my first time making any. I bought the molds from Crate & Barrel last summer along with a recipe book (yet to be found) and then promptly forgot amidst all the chaos of moving and other fun stuff.

I browsed through a few different recipes online: here, here, and here. Then deciding I was on the right track, threw the following into the blender:

Greek yogurt
frozen peaches
a bit of milk because it was too thick to pour into the molds

I also made another batch and substituted the peaches for raspberries. Then froze them overnight.

They turned out pretty good. I’ll be making more in the future 😉

About The Inspired Nester

Travel gives me inspiration, yet home needs to be a sanctuary. Live in what you love ♥
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