Time to “Pay the Piper”!

Pay the Piper


“He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

In medieval times, people were entertained by strolling musicians. Whoever paid the price could choose the music. This proverb means that whoever pays is in charge.

Why is it time to Pay the Piper? My Bucket List of travel is……..well….MINE. David’s only request- “to go to US cities that have an NFL team”. If that’s the kind of price I have to pay, well I’ll suck it up and do it….I mean beautiful Boston? I’m definitely in!

Boston Massachusetts + NFL game (Patriots & Saints for those that know football….I don’t haha).

We Me I (carte blanche in all things planning 😛 ) booked our stay at the Clarendon Square Bed & Breakfast as it was close to restaurants & shopping, looked wonderful from photos on their website, and had excellent reviews.

Clarendon Square B&B


West Brookline Street

Upon arriving late at night and opening the entrance door, we immediately had a very positive first impression: music was playing softly in the background, warm welcoming lights, fresh flowers, snacks and a beverage carafe left out on the table….simply divine 😉

We then carried on upstairs in search of our room which had my name on the door. This is what we found when we opened it:

I gave myself a mental pat on the back…….. 🙂

Roof top view at night

Roof top view in the morning

More photos from 5 days spent exploring Boston:
Boston quirkiness

Flower Shop



Red...my favourite colour


We finally come to the reason for being here………….FOOTBALL!!

We're heeerrrreee!

The cameras are ready for action!

I have to admit….that wasn’t so bad.

Where next?

Stay tuned 😉

P.S. Bostonians told us in their own words (speaking of the East Coast in general) that “we’re a stand-offish bunch that isn’t so friendly”. We chuckled on hearing this as we found the majority to be very helpful to the poor Canadian tourists standing in the street lost. People chatted us up on the train, in shops, in lineups….yes, we found a lovely bunch of welcoming people 🙂

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