An evening full of smiles…..

Those smiles were mine! The time for the much anticipated Sarah Brightman concert was finally here. The original concert date in March was postponed due to a delay in the release of her Dreamchaser album. I was so excited to finally be going and seeing the vocalist who’s voice has been echoing through the house for years (and as I write this 😉 )

We went for a pre-show dinner with friends in the type of restaurant I like. The atmosphere was relaxed and its size was perfect for conversing–unlike some restaurants out there that seem to want to compete with the bars for sound.

Then came the moment we were in the city for….well, me really–David was there in support 🙂

To see Sarah Brightman in concert!!!

Awesome seats!


Phantom of the Opera

I had a huge smile plastered on my face throughout the concert. What a great evening!

The next morning we headed out to a spot we knew to make great cappuccino’s (and other yum yums)……

I then settled in with my coffee to read the concert review from the night before…..
Reading the demented review over coffee...

As I read, I got irritated…

    “But the multimediarrific, visually overwhelming vibe of Tuesday’s show took away from the real talent. The airyflowy images of outer space, sunsets, spaceships and other abstractions dancing on huge screens behind Brightman were off-putting and generic, reminiscent of those colourful screen savers we all used to have. And what little movement the singer made onstage had me worrying rigor mortis was setting in. OK, there were arm gestures aplenty (swimmy mermaid /angel about to take flight /diva punctuating the high note) but often, in her shimmery crowns and gowns, Brightman looked like one of those buskers who spraypaint themselves silver and pretend they’re statues at the market. This, combined with a black-and-white wormhole animation, isn’t exactly visually exhilarating, I don’t care how big a fan you are.”

Well I am a fan. A big fan. I went into it expecting to hear an amazing soprano voice that sings in a pop opera style, and that’s exactly what I heard. No-I wasn’t expecting her to move around like Britney Spears (hardly conducive to the vocals she is expected to sing), and I loved the colour of the backgrounds and the drama of her costumes (there would be no quick movements in gowns that pooled to the floor or headpieces that rivaled any in vegas). I was there for THE VOICE, which is exactly what was delivered.

Here’s a poor quality video I took from my seat……

Ha!–and that folks, is why she was on my Bucket List….#12 is now crossed off 😉

Here’s a professional rundown of the concert:

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2 Responses to An evening full of smiles…..

  1. cgessner2013 says:

    I have to admit to not listening to her before. Today I decided to and found her voice to be hauntingly beautiful. I am now a fan of hers. Thank you for introducing me to her music.

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