Imagine that!

Reading a wonderful book

As a child growing up I lived for the moment I could immerse myself in a good book. I would gobble up page after page laughing aloud or crying with heartbreak….depending on where the author was taking me.
Reading is a wonderful escape with our mind bringing the characters and settings alive much better than a movie because of the personal relationship it creates.
How many of you have read and fallen in love with a book, seen the movie afterwards, and been utterly disappointed because it wasn’t as good as you had imagined (and that so much of the story had been left out)? I have. Too many times…


I’ve travelled to various countries, through time, through a wardrobe, been on a deserted island, ….yes, books have made me travel rich!! 🙂

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Now, get off the computer and go pick up that book! Mine is calling as well 😉
I love reading!

About The Inspired Nester

Travel gives me inspiration, yet home needs to be a sanctuary. Live in what you love ♥
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