Gone, but not forgotten

When I think of the Dominican Republic, I not only think of sunshine, ocean waves, and beautiful beaches…..I think of cows. Yes folks, cows!

When first searching for a vacation property in the Cabarete/Sosua area, we had rented a house on the beach in a more remote farming area. One morning I awoke; looking forward to enjoying my usual peaceful moment of watching the sunrise with a coffee in hand, I wandered down the path to the beach –and came to a sudden & abrupt halt.
I had stopped in both amazement—and fear of scaring off my new friends……

Whoa! What's that????!!!!

Whoa! What’s that????!!!!

How cool was that?! For me, it was VERY cool. 🙂

It’s common to see cows being herded through town or along the highway (if you see someone along the side of the road waving a shirt in their hand, they are usually warning of cows on the road ahead).

Cattle drive thru town

Cattle drive thru town

During one of many shopping trips in the Dominican Republic on the quest to make our home more “beachy”, I saw “IT“. I had to have “IT”. That “IT” was the find I was most happy about. Yes, call me crazy….but I LOVE cows! I happily tucked him into a shopping bag and carried him home, where I promptly set him on his new perch 🙂


I recently received news from the Dominican Republic that my little friend had met an untimely demise during the course of some renovation work on
Our Little Place in the Sun. I was/still am, very sad. 😦




Yes, you may be gone…………..but you’re not forgotten. I’m going to miss you little buddy……..






Now, where to find another?

Maybe I’ll start up a herd of my own? *insert crazy maniacal laughter* Moahahahhahahahaa!!……….

The greeting you get when entering our home here in Alberta…..as I mentioned– I like cows (or bulls if anyone wants to get technical):

2014-01-26 15.12.52

P.S. If you wait long enough and don’t move you might get lucky and spot a Moose as well 😛

Peek a boo!

*April UPDATE: I just received an email and my little Moo in the Dominican is back from the dead! He was glued together with care and is now residing in his spot of prominence 🙂 Yes, it IS the simple things that make me happy!

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