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What’s happening to us?

It’s time for me to make a change….. Sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office recently I came to a realization, one that I already knew but in that instance it really hit home-we are on our smart … Continue reading

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Time for a Virtual Getaway

get·a·way [get-uh-wey] noun 1. a getting away or fleeing; an escape. 2. the start of a race: a fast getaway. 3. a place where one escapes for relaxation, vacation, etc., or a period of time for such recreation: a little … Continue reading

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The Cell Phone

Can you relate to any of them? I can!

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Credit card safety-not just when travelling

When travelling we’re often aware of our personal safety-to not put ourselves in compromising situations and to be aware of our surroundings. But with new technologies constantly being developed we also have to remember about the threat that’s reared its … Continue reading

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Ever call the IT Help Desk?

Have you ever been at work and had to call the IT guys for help? I have. MANY times. I’m sure to them everything is easy and they think of the rest of us as simpletons. I’ll admit. I’m not … Continue reading

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