When thoughts turn to Spring…..

The weather is starting to tease us here in the North Pole (not really the North Pole, but sometimes it sure feels like it!). Balmy spring weather is in the forecast for the next week…only a teaser as mentioned, Spring won’t really be here for at least another 1-1/2 months….that’s too loooonnnnngggg! For today, the birds are outside singing at full throttle, and my brain has started to think of all things garden related.

Water features are one of the simplest things to do if you’re looking to create ambiance in your backyard haven (or front yard, or balcony). I love fountains, and my garden must have the soothing sound of water.

Have a quiet moment and listen to the meditative sound of running water in the garden outside (I’m pretending here)……..




Now for a few photos to get you inspired………….

Bubbling fountain

Pouring fountain

Fountains-double whammy!

Rain fountain

Huge Fountain

Here’s the backyard setup at my last home…..the fountain DID make all the difference as I backed onto a busy highway….
Tiered fountain

A garden fountain doesn’t have to be monstrous. A simple plug in model found at the local hardware store can be effective in drowning out the sound of traffic and the busyness of life in general. Create your own zen spot……….get a fountain! 🙂

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Travel gives me inspiration, yet home needs to be a sanctuary. Live in what you love ♥
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