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Come in for a Cup?

Who doesn’t love a good coffee first thing in the morning? While my other half can drink cup after cup throughout the day, I am the total opposite. I only want/need one….and that one cup of delicious frothiness must be … Continue reading

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I want to ride my Bicycle!

A few years ago I decided to get a bicycle. It had been years since I had one and I missed the easy freedom of pedaling under my own steam in order to get somewhere……..or just to slow down and … Continue reading

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Flying Monkeys and Red Shoes….

♥ ♥ ♥ I love the reference to one of my all time favourite movies, “The Wizard of Oz”: I may not be green, but I have one similarity to the Wicked Witch (some might debate me only having one … Continue reading

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Take it to the Beach!

When heading to the beach I’ve found a few things that I’m going to be bringing with me because they’ll make me look cool. Or give the illusion I’m cool…or er’…lead me to to be demented enough to think that … Continue reading

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