Come in for a Cup?

Who doesn’t love a good coffee first thing in the morning?
While my other half can drink cup after cup throughout the day, I am the total opposite. I only want/need one….and that one cup of delicious frothiness must be a cappuccino.

Over the past few years I’ve used my trusty Bialetti, burned through a few Tassimo, and have finally acquired…. MY PRECIOUS!!
I’ve coveted precious ever since walking into the Nespresso Boutique in Boston, sampled many cups of goodness, and *GASP!* quickly came to the conclusion that….. I must have NEED one. Only there were so many different models….we left confused.

Nearly a year went by (where did the time go?!?), when I saw THE PRECIOUS– and……..
She sang!


Home at last 🙂

Now…one final mention. Did you see THAT CUP!!!???? Glorious gold. Yup. More coveting on my part (I’ll admit it…I’m bad). But really, the elixir of goodness needs to be held in something special. Don’t you agree?

I went searching the world wide web to see what’s out there for beautiful gold cups. Have a look, maybe you’ll covet too 😉

Or you can make your own!

About The Inspired Nester

Travel gives me inspiration, yet home needs to be a sanctuary. Live in what you love ♥
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