I had a vision…..

I was sitting innocently watching a TV show when suddenly the hubby popped around the corner (he had been downstairs watching a football game) and said:

Hubby: “You have to start planning out the kitchen you want!!”



Hubby: “I want to move the wall soon and we’ll have to pick up some filler tile until we actually do the kitchen” (he wants to do a bunch of prep work first before the BIG RENO–which is still at least a year out).

Me: “Umm, ok” 🙂 hehe my FUN FUN FUN!!!

2 minutes later I’m on Pinterest (best thing EVVVaaaa!!) showing him a bunch of ideas I’d already pinned based on a fab Style at Home IKEA kitchen.  While neither this amount of cabinetry nor the bicycle hanging from the ceiling would work in our space, I loved the vibe.


After looking at a million photos, hubby wanted to see it all together because unfortunately for him, he can’t see “the vision” I have in my head.  In there… *gazes inward* …well….the finished kitchen looks AahMazinG!! woot woot!

Soooo….I start a search of websites I could utilize to build a board of ideas so he could see the direction I wanted to go.


  1. must be able to upload photos from my computer (I found some that you could only use from their gallery/sources 😦   What’s the point of that?!)
  2. able to import pins from Pinterest  (the ultimate in my mind!)
  3. ability to layer photos
  4. easy to use

I new what I wanted had to be out there.  I had seen beautifully laid out mood boards that others had created…..I wanted that too!  But where was it?

After a bit of Google, I came across Sampleboard and the fun began!


(see fun below)

Bistro Inspired

Created in Sampleboard

What do you think?
I have time to start sourcing out all the fun bits & pieces that will become our kitchen and next week we’re going to visit IKEA to price out the black cabinets.
The island will be another story.
We were in NYC last November and stopped into Le Pain Quotidien for a quick bite where I fell in love with their reclaimed pine counter with marble top *sigh*….
Yeah, Hubby cringed because he knows me  hahahahaa!!
(to be continued…)

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Travel gives me inspiration, yet home needs to be a sanctuary. Live in what you love ♥
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