Flying Monkeys and Red Shoes….

flying monkeys

I love the reference to one of my all time favourite movies, “The Wizard of Oz”:

I may not be green, but I have one similarity to the Wicked Witch (some might debate me only having one 😛 haha) and that’s the love of red shoes.
I want the ruby slippers too!!

For me, a pair of red shoes always brings a smile to my face and I feel good when I look down and see them. It’s high on the instant pick me up list.

I’ve been known to be a shoe stalker if I see an amazing pair walk past me. The unsuspecting have sauntered by only to have me trailing behind oggling them and then asking the wearer “OMG! I love your shoes! Where did you get them?”….it makes them feel good, and me happy to find a new pair of lovelies.
I have 2 favourite stores here in Alberta, “Katwalk” in Edmonton & “Gingerella’s” in Canmore. Both will be seeing me soon as I’m in shoe lust mode for all the Spring/Summer (oh, who am I kidding-Fall) beauties coming out….moahahhahahaaa!!

*Gasp!* Look at them all.... :-)

*Gasp!* Look at them all…. 🙂

I MUST have you!

I MUST have you!

Happiness is………red shoes, and these are mine!

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Travel gives me inspiration, yet home needs to be a sanctuary. Live in what you love ♥
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